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AffinityFinance Documents & Forms
Documents & Forms
Here you will find some of the forms and brochures we will use as we work through the
Advice Process together…

If you click on any of the images, this will open the relevant Standard Document. You can also print and/or save these documents to your own computer. Most of these documents are in Adobe (PDF) format for ease of use; whilst the Client Forms are also available in Microsoft Office formats so you can work with them on your own smart phone /laptop / computer.

We are happy to accept your completed documents via email.

Please let us know if you have any difficulty with any of these documents and forms.
AffinityFinance Documents
Online Client Service Platform
Existing Client Accounts

If you already hold an Investment or Pension Account with Transact, you can access these online by clicking the adjacent Transact logo,  which will take you to your Transact Account login page:
Prospective Clients

If you would like to view the benefits of holding an Investment or Pension Account with Transact, you can read all about them by clicking the adjacent Transact logo:
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Client Documents & Forms

Please click the headings below to access the standard document, or click the image to access the live document for your smart phone or laptop/pc.
Financial Planning Advice

A summary guide about our Financial Advice Process:
Client Information Form

All about you, your family, and your objectives:
Client Investment Profile

Your attitude to Investment Risk & reward:
Client Identity Documents

I.D. Documents we need you to provide us with:
Note of Authority

An instruction to authorise sharing of relevant information:
Treating Customers Fairly

A summary guide about our professional moral obligations:
Client Service Agreement

Our Client Terms of Business:
Transact Product Accounts

A summary guide about the Transact Products we offer:
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Please click on the above Client Information Form and
Client Investment Profile images to open and save
these document in Microsoft Excel format.

You can them complete them on your own device for
saving and forwarding to us.

Thank you.
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