Client Service Agreement (Terms of Business)

In the interest of good business practice and mutual understanding, please click here to read our Client Service Agreement. Most of the terms and conditions are weighted firmly in your favour, and the rest of them are of mutual benefit.

We can only provide you with our Financial Advice and Services when we have received a valid agreement from you.

Advice & Service Costs

We believe that our charges are both fair and simple…

Simple because practically everything costs just 1%

Fair because we believe this is about the best price you’ll find anywhere for truly Independent Financial Advice.

There are some instances where the 1% rule doesn’t work – for either party, and in these cases we work on an hourly rate of £55 including VAT.

Our Client Service Agreement sets out the basis upon which will work with you in setting up your Financial Planning arrangements, and then helping you to look after them.

If you are happy with these Terms & Conditions, and would like us to help you in this way, we’ll ask you to complete and return a Client Service Agreement to us before carrying out any work on your behalf. This document can be accessed here.

Our Credentials

As a Financial Service business we work within a very formalised and regulated industry. This means we must hold various trading Licences and Authorizations to help ensure the well being of both you as our Client and ourselves as your Adviser.

We have listed below our association with the relevant authorities, and a summary of what this means for you.

You can click on the relevant ICON to view that authority’s site for further information:

Financial Conduct Authority: are the consumer watchdog for the regulated sector of the financial services industry. They issue our licence to trade as Independent Financial Advisors, police our industry, and look after everyone’s best interests.

Financial Services Compensation Schemeis funded by all participant businesses to provide financial compensation in the event of us going out of business or providing you with the incorrect financial advice.

Financial Ombudsman Service: help settle disputes between financial service businesses and their customers.They are an independent adjudicator to give both sides a fair hearing, and provide an impartial resolution.

Society of Will Writersare the industry equivalent of the FCA in respect of Will Writing, Powers of Attorney, and other Deeds of Estate.

Federation of Small Businessesare a nationwide support and quality assurance association for small businesses across all industries.

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